Have specific measures been approved for the extractive industries?

To date no specific measures have been adopted for the extractive industries. Companies operating in these sectors are subject to the general rules arising from Presidential Decree 11/2020, Decree 12/2020 (as amended by Decree 14/2020) and Presidential Decree 12/2020.

The above notwithstanding, considering the weight of the oil & gas and mining industries in the national economy, although they are neither expressly qualified as "essential industries" for the purposes of article 17(8) of Decree no. 12/2020, nor do their services fall under the concept of “essential services” as set out in Article 8 of Presidential Decree 12/2020, we believe that both fall under the definition of "industries critical to the functioning of the economy", provided for in that same article and, consequently, can maintain a labour force above the general rule of 1/3.

In addition, given the rule that all licenses, permits and other administrative acts remain valid until the end of the state of emergency, regardless of their period of validity, in the absence of an express or implicit rule to the contrary, this principle should also be extended to licenses or permits for exploration of oil and mining resources.



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