What moratorium measures have been put in place?

With regard to bank credits, pending the state of emergency all interpellations, arrears and executions arising from the delay in the fulfilment of obligations that cannot be carried out as a result of the application of the measures provided for in Decree no. 12/2020 of 2 April shall are deemed ineffective.


Who can benefit from these measures?

In the absence of a specific provision in this regard, it seems to extend to all bank customers, i.e., companies, individuals and other legal entities with bank credits contracted in Mozambique.


Which credits are covered?

Credit operations granted by credit institutions operating in Mozambique.


What impact will this have on credit guarantees?

This measure does not give rise to ineffectiveness or termination of guarantees granted, which remain in force.


How can I access these measures?

The measure shall be applied upon demonstration by the debtor (in court, within the limit) of a causal link between the delay in complying with obligations relating to bank credits and the application of the measures provided for in Decree No. 12/2020 of 2 April.


For how long will this regime be in force?

This measure is in force pending the state of emergency.


* Without prejudice to the observations under the heading "Impact on contract management", which are also relevant in this context, to the extent applicable.



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